What to Know and How to Apply: CyberAgent, The Digital Startup Unicorn of Japan (Internship List)

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

Written by: Zena Fadhila

Publish date: 15th January, 2020

Do you have a great interest in industries like media, internet advertising and/or Gaming industry? Have you heard of one of the pioneers of Internet business in Japan, CyberAgent? If you haven’t, then scroll down!

Internship Opportunities

For those of you who are hungry for experience, CyberAgent and its subsidiaries also provide students with a rich and unique internship opportunities ranging from only a few days to a one-month internship, some of the internships can also even lead to direct employment!

They are currently receiving applicants for the winter internship 2020 specifically for Engineering Students that are interested in web and app development, but some of the deadlines are quite soon, so wait no more and apply for the internship now!

Winter Internship 2020 for Engineering Students

CA Tech Dojo Internship:

CA Tech Dojo - Android (Kotlin): is a training intern for students with programming experience to acquire basic skills of Android application development in about two weeks.

Apply here:

CA Tech Dojo - Server Side (Go): is a camp-style intern for students with programming experience to acquire the basic skills of server-side development in about 2 weeks. Apply here:

CA Tech Job

CA Tech Job Lite: A one-month internship that will give you the same work experience as an actual employee. CA Tech Job Lite is recruiting infrastructure engineers (Private Cloud) and will work in the media business division or the AI business division.

Apply here:

CA Tech Job: Depending on your placement, but through this internship experience you will be involved in development work reflected from user’s satisfaction for media business or develop how games can appeal to users

Apply here:

CA Tech Challenge

CA Tech Challenge Backend Tuning Competition: is an internship where you tune a web application that imitates a service and allows participating students to compete for scores between individuals. You’ll be able to get to know the active engineers, technology and development department.

Apply here:

CA Tech Challenge Architecture Competition: you will be grouped into 2-3 people where you make the service architecture based on fictitious specifications. You can receive feedback directly from the engineering staff involved in the development of CyberAgent’s services.

Apply here:

CA Tech Challenge AbemaTV Hack: is an internship where you can learn to implement fictitious new functions in the popular service "AbemaTV" of cyber agents.

Apply here:

CA Tech Challenge「プロトスプリントリーグ」: is an internship where you are grouped and compete to develop a game according to a given theme.

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CA Tech Challenge - data competition: In this internship, you will be able to hone your business-specific data analysis skills by creating predictive models of advertising views related to service revenue of Abema TV’s data.

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The basic internship application process for each type of internship will be document selection and an interview. Below are the detailed internship period and deadlines for you to mark on your calendar!

In addtion to the winter internship CyberAgent also offer internship opportunities for Business and Creator/Designer Course, scroll more to grasp an internship opportunity!

Internship opportunities for Business and Creator/Designer Course

Abema TV Producer: An internship which allows you to experience the program production together with employees who are active on the front lines of AbemaTV.

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Game Scenario Internship: A 2-days internship will give you an experience on plotting and creating game scenarios.

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Special Internship: