What to Know and How to Apply: CyberAgent, The Digital Startup Unicorn of Japan

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

Written by: Zena Fadhila

Publish date: 15th January, 2020

Do you have a great interest in industries like media, internet advertising and/or Gaming industry? Have you heard of one of the pioneers of Internet business in Japan, CyberAgent? If you haven’t, then scroll down!

“Made in Shibuya” - CyberAgent

Shibuya, home to mega-venture IT companies, is also the place where CyberAgent, a global company that was founded in 1998, started its journey to become an influential source of cutting-edge culture among young people. CyberAgent offers Internet media services through different segments like Media, Game, Internet Advertising, Investment Development, and other platforms.

The company’s vision:

“To create the 21st century’s leading company”

They base this vision to several mission statements that could be summarized to teamwork, creativity, equality, and proactivity. In doing its work, CyberAgent engages the younger generations to be involved in decision making and also pitching in ideas, creating a very comfortable working environment for you to explore, learn new things, and take risks!

Being one of the leading companies in the internet industry, CyberAgent has about 115 subsidiaries operating in different kinds of fields. Below are some of CyberAgent’s subsidiaries that you might be familiar with, you can check out the other companies through this link: