What To Know and How To Apply: Bloomberg, Job for Financial Market Enthusiasts

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Written By: Thuy Nguyen

Publish Date: January 17th, 2020

If you are an avid writer fascinated about financial markets and business, have you ever considered Bloomberg as your potential employer? Read this article to explore what exciting promises Bloomberg Japan is offering to future employees!

Established in 1981 in New York, U.S., Bloomberg is the leading information services company, focusing on news, data, analysis, and video related to business and financial markets. Proud to be the global leader in financial insights, Bloomberg hopes to deliver accurate, real-time and insightful information to readers and help them with important financial decisions.

Bloomberg’s vision is

“To transform lives around the world”

The values of the company can be summarized as “diversity and inclusion,” “innovation,” “philanthropy,” and “sustainability.” Bloomberg is dedicated to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce that constantly evolve and can come up with innovative solutions for financial and business issues. Besides the hope to contribute back to the communities, Bloomberg strives to contribute to a sustainable future through its data-driven approach as the main way to operate the business.

As one of the leading news providers, Bloomberg has other affiliates includes:

Bloomberg News: An international news agency focusing on financial topics.

Bloomberg Television: Bloomberg TV features stories on business and financial markets from Businessweek and Bloomberg News.

Bloomberg Radio: The world’s only global 24-hour radio station delivering business and financial news.

Investor Relations Information

Bloomberg has established its reputation all around the world, with the 2019 revenue reaching US$10 million according to Business Insider.

Michael Bloomberg, the founder and current president and CEO of Bloomberg, is dedicated to utilizing the power of information and technology to clarify sophisticated global issues and contribute to improve lives all around the world. Therefore, the company, since its foundation 38 years ago, aims to train an innovative and dedicated workforce who abide to the purpose of creating social values. Furthermore, Michael Bloomberg values collaboration, transparency, and innovation, which have become the core of the company’s working culture. Michael strives to improve Bloomberg into a platform that can constantly adapt and evolve in the current ever-changing market so as to always stay ahead.

Headquartered in Bloomberg Tower in New York, United States, Bloomberg currently has 167 offices worldwide (London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, etc.) with approximately 20,979 employees. Specifically, the Tokyo branch has about 501 employees.

Interested in Applying for Bloomberg?

With the motto “Activating every employee’s potential,” Bloomberg is promising workplace for you to further develop your skills.

In Japan, there are three courses for you to apply to:

Customer support, Analytics and Sales, and Market Data Analysis. The Customer Support and Analytics and Sales departments are open for recruitment ( 2020 and 2021 Fresh graduates applications), while the Market Data Analysis department is only recruiting for the period of 2021. According to job-hunting portal sites like MyNavi and RikuNavi, Bloomberg recruited approximately 44 people per year, with a balanced recruitment percentage between males and females. The details of offers from Bloomberg can be found below (based on MyNavi and RikuNavi):

· Customer Support

This is the perfect department for those who want to use their language skills and have great customer service skills. Besides serving customers all around the world, you will be responsible to ensure the effective management of client workflows and detect any hardware or software issues. Later on, you can transfer to any other department as you wish. Details and application:

· Analytics and Sales

If you are interested in pursuing a client-facing career and with a strong passion for relationship management and sales, then this position will be perfect for you. In this role, you will reach out to the clients and provide them with suitable solutions as they need.

Details and application:

· Market Data Analyst

In this role, you will obtain, update, maintain and process financial data using Bloomberg’s internal systems and company software. You will also work on multiple collaborative projects with colleagues from all around the world, and with other departments such as Sales, Analytics, News and Engineering.

Details and application:

Internships from Bloomberg

Bloomberg also offers internship opportunities to students and new graduates to build their career. No matter what your major and degree is, as long as you have an interest in finance, news, technology, and clean energy, you can apply.

The internship in Japan typically requires you to know both English and Japanese at a business level. All of the current offered internships will happen for 4 weeks between August 3 to August 28, 2020, so mark your calendar! For those who are interested in applying, you should frequently check the career portal of Bloomberg. Even though there are no specific deadline for requirement, entry is closed when the number of recruits reaches the maximum.

Please find below the programs offered typically (Information is taken from Bloomberg's website):

Market Data Analyst Internship

By participating in the program, you will learn about financial market and Bloomberg’s products. You will support the data collection processes on selected market areas such as stocks, finance, energy, statistics, etc. You are required to participate in seminars, training, and activities to learn about Bloomberg. Details and application:

Customer Support Internship

For this position, you will work to learn about Bloomberg’s products and services, as well as how to deliver the best customer support. This is a great opportunity for those who want to try out a challenging, customer-focused environment. Details and application:

Finance Administration Internship

If you are interested in finance and accounting, this is the perfect internship for you. You will be exposed to all components of Global Finance Team and learn about different accounting services. There are various projects for you to participate in and learn from. You will be able to get to know Bloomberg’s robotics and automation initiatives, as well as support daily operations such as Order-to-Cash and Procure-to-Pay processes. Details and application:

News Internship