Foreign students finds his Japanese Family: Homestay in Japan

Updated: Nov 7, 2019


By: Glen Q

Published on July 25th

After staying here for almost 3 years, I was happy to finally get a chance to participate in a homestay programme organized by the Nara Organization. After hearing so many good feedbacks from people who’d participated, I was close to desperate in searching for one in my area as well. A chance to spend an entire day in a normal Japanese household don’t come by often


After settling all of the application online, they didn’t waste any time into assigning me to my host family, the Ikeda household. And it turns out I get to share my host family with a Brazilian mate, Daniele.

The gathering time was supposed to be 13.30 so I decided to head there half an hour earlier. The designated waiting place was the Nara Global Centre, just 5 mins away from the JR Nara station. Upon reaching there, there was already a French lady as well as a husband and wife waiting there. Not long after I arrived, I was introduced to my new homestay brother, Daniele, followed by my to-be host mother, Mrs Ikeda. After our brief discussion, we were left in the hands of our respective host families. Everyone proceeded separately with their own plans.

As for Daniele and I, our first stop with Mrs. Ikeda was the Nara Old Welfare Home. There we had a chance to talk to some of the senior citizens as well as playing with the children there. However, the highlight of the visit was probably my first time singing in a karaoke in front of a