The Real Guide on How To Get An Internship In Japan!

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

By: Abbey Kruska

Published date: October 10th, 2019

My exchange was about to end, but I knew I needed more time. I had wanted to do an internship in Japan for a long time, but the uncertainty and fear kept getting the best of me, and I went back and forth for weeks. I decided to take a leap of faith, and spend my last month in Japan on a hunt for a Japanese internship. I was able to find a paid 3-month internship with a Japanese company in just one month--and so can you.

When I first went looking for my internship in Japan, I was struck by just how limited my options were. Back in the US, internships seem like a given when it comes to university life. They’re offered everywhere, by just about any firm or institution you can think of. However, Japan’s internship pool is quite different. There’s a lack of real conclusive understanding of what an “internship” actually is, or what having an internship implies. I’d heard a great deal about Japanese internships through my Japanese friends at my university in Tokyo, but to me my friend’s “internships” sounded more like unique part time jobs rather than a hands-on business learning experience.

As a child born in the 1990’s, Google-Sensei, as its known in Japan, was my first stop on my journey to find an internship in Japan. A quick search for “internships in Japan” brings up countless internship sponsor programs, but there’s one problem with all of these websites:

The cost of an internship