How to find jobs in Japan: 6 Job Fairs for international students in Japan

Updated: Oct 14, 2019

by Nadira Annisa

published on September 16th, 2019

Job Hunting in Japan, also called Shukatsu in Japanese, is a very rigorous and challenging process for many of international students. It becomes even more challenging for foreign students living in Japan, since there are many limitations sometimes such as the language barrier and lack of information. The common practice for companies and international students meet is via job-fairs.

Today, this article will navigate you with most conventional way of job hunting in Japan for new graduates, “job fair”, to fill in the information gap you may be facing at this point of your student life in Japan. The followings are the 6 job fairs targeting either Japanese-English bilinguals and/or international students in Japan which are usually held every year. All of them are free admission, and some even offers subsidies for transportation / coupon of some sort.

■ MyNavi Global Career Expo

Location: Tokyo, Osaka

Event Date: December 21st@Tokyo, December 26th@Osaka

Participating Companies: 63 companies *EXPO 2018 winter Tokyo

On-site Interview: Yes *Nearly half of participated companies may conduct interview on-site

Main Audience: Japanese-English bilinguals, students in foreign universities, yet recently attracted attention of international students in Japan as well.

Photo from MyNaviGlobalCareerExpo

They hold many events across Asia and also America. Including countries such as USA, UK, Thailand, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Japan. Participating companies from last year includes big names to unknown excellent companies like Salesforce, AXA, Subaru, Deloitte, PwC, and other companies from wide range of industries. MyNavi also hold seminars and advisory for students who are interested in working in Japan. To check more about this job fair, visit their website at

■Tokyo Winter Career Forum 2019

Location: Tokyo