How To Apply for Foreign-Based Manufacturing Companies in Japan : Salary, Employment and More!

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

Author: Eiru Haneda
Published date: 26th December 2019

When you start thinking about starting your career at a manufacturing company in Japan, Japanese domestic manufacturing companies such as Toyota and Nintendo are not the only options you have. Adding foreign-based manufacturing companies in Japan to your list will be a good idea to broaden your career options, so this article will introduce basic information about foreign-based manufacturing companies in Japan such as salaries, selection schedules and different categories of the manufacturing industry.

1. Categories in Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing company (メーカー) is a commercial business that converts raw materials and components into products that meet consumers’ demands. Which means, basically any company that produces finished products are categorized as manufacturing company, therefore, it is essential to understand the different types of categorization in manufacturing industry based on the types of product when you are choosing a company. 5 main categories of manufacturing industry are below;

①Consumable Manufacture (消費財メーカー)

②Chemical Manufacture(化学メーカー)

③Electrical and Heavy Industrial Manufacture(電機・重工メーカー)

④Pharmacutical Manufacture(製薬メーカー)

⑤Automobile-Related Manufacture(自動車メーカー)

And, here are the top foreign-based manufacturing companies that are hiring new graduates in Japan that fit into each category.

As the map above shows, many internationally-known companies offer job hiring for new graduates in Japan. To give you a better image of these companies above, here are some examples of iconic products produced by some of the companies on the map. For example, P&G produces famously known detergent in Japan, “アリエール” and “ボールド”, and Du Pont produces sticky-note, “Post-It”.

2. What are the Popular Companies in Each Category in Japan?

Now, let’s take a look at the top 3 most popular companies in category ①〜④ above according to the survey. You can visit the companies’ recruitment information page by clicking each name of the company. You can also take a look at the popular companies rankings in different industries here.

Consumable Manufacture

1. P&G(P&Gジャパン)

2. Unilever(ユニリーバジャパン)

3. Loreal (日本ロレアル)

② Chemical Manufacture

1. Du Pont(デュポン)

2. The Dow Chemical Company (ダウ・ケミカル)

3. BASF(BASFジャパン)

③ Electrical and Heavy Industrial Manufacture

1. GE(GEジャパン)

2. ABB(ABBジャパン)

3. Hewlett Packard Enterprise(日本ヒューレット・パッカード)

Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

1. Johnson & Johnson(ジョンソン・エンド・ジョンソン)

2. Pfizer(ファイザー)

3. AstraZeneca(アストラゼネカ)

These companies above are not only popular in Japan but also they are the leading companies in the manufacturing industry in the world.

3. How Many New-Graduates Do the Foreign-Based Manufacturing Companies Hire in Japan?

It is essential to be aware of the number of employees the company you are interested in hires each year. Now, let’s take a look at the numbers of new-graduates that were hired at some of the companies from the list above. The number of employees to be hired in 2020 is also on the table below.

*P&G is starting to hire new-graduates in 2020

*Data from マイナビ2020

As you can tell from the numbers above, foreign-based manufacturing companies are actively offering jobs for new-graduates in Japan.

4. Where to Find Job Hunting Information about Foreign-Based Manufacturing Companies in Japan?

In fact, there is less information such as internship and selection schedules for foreign-based manufacturing companies in Japan compared to Japanese domestic manufacturing companies. Participating in Tokyo Career Forum is a good idea to gather information about foreign-based manufacturing companies. Here is the list of the foreign-based manufacturing companies that participated in Tokyo Career Forum in 2018-2019.
Based on the data from CFN Official Website

CFN (Career Forum Net) holds this event every summer and winter in Tokyo and only summer in Osaka. To learn more about how to ace a career forum, click here for another JPort article. Also, if you want to know about useful apps for job hunting in Japan, click here for a JPort article about it.

5. Average Salary Difference between Japanese Manufacturing Companies and Foreign-Based Manufacturing Companies

Now, let’s take a look at salary differences between top Japanese manufacturing companies and foreign-based manufacturing companies that are hiring new graduates in Japan.

⚫️Consumable Manufacture (消費財メーカー)

*Data from リクナビ2020

⚫️Electrical and Heavy Industrial Manufacture (電機・重工メーカー)