Hitch Hike Your Way Through This Summer Break In Japan!

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

By: Peter Jaya Satyo

Published date: September 5th, 2019

Still wondering where to go this summer break in Japan? Tired of the same old vacation routine and looking for a new kind of travel experience but caught up on a budget limit? Or Maybe right now you are stuck with the same old routine consisting of maximum baito (バイト) hours and desperate to get out of the basic summer boredom? Take your time to read this travel article about Fadheel Ibadurahman. The man who hitch hiked his way from Kyushu to Kanto, and all the way back again. Twice.

Meet Fadheel Ibadurahman. A 4th year – soon to be graduating – student of Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University from Indonesia, who is currently based in Tokyo. He is a very close friend of mine since the start of college and he’s going to be working as a teacher this upcoming October in a famous international school in Tokyo. “Traveling has always been a passion. During my days as a 留学生 (International student), I’ve been hosting travellers at my place, becoming a guest at local people’s houses, and of course, wandering across Japan by using my thumb and a sign.” Says the free spirited man himself during a one on one interview.

When did you start hitchhiking?

“I have always wanted to hitchhike since I heard many amazing stories from fellow travelers I hosted, but I didn’t have the nerve to do this. Until in 2016, I was traveling to Jeju island in South Korea, and accidentally missed and got off at the wrong bus stop. I could have waited for another bus from the other direction of the road, but it was almost dark and I was in the middle of grasslands with only 2-3 cars passed every 5 minutes. So I thought I should try to hitchhike, and it went well.”

He might even say it was fate that he got lost on the wrong bus stop that day because getting lost in the middle of nowhere helped him overcame his fears of hopping on a stranger’s vehicle to get to his destination. When he went back to Japan after the Korea trip, he started to plan itineraries on travelling locally. He thought that 4 years of university is a really short time when you consider the life you are going to have ahead. So he decided to visit all the unique places he can visit in Japan while he still has the free time but there was one problem that made a significant “bump on the road”. Travelling in Japan is VERY expensive. The transportation and accommodation fees itself could take up a hefty amount from his budget. Not to mention the leisure activities and consumption on the trip. These factors are the main reasons why he started to hitchhike in Japan.

“What is the point of traveling when you can’t fully enjoy it? Why should I spend so much on mediocre expenses if I can travel for free and use the money for more fun memorable things