6 English-Speaking Jobs You Can Do in Japan Outside of English Teaching

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Author: Claire Liu

Published date: 27th November 2019

So you want to work in Japan but you're not confident in your Japanese skills? Well... surprise! Being an English Teacher is not your only option. This article will give you a clearer insight on what opportunities are available here in Japan where you can utilize your English skills and be an asset, rather than struggling to fit in with the Japanese skills you just haven’t had the time and luxury to polish up.

“The jobs I have applied for include hotel clerk, game developer, programmer, office assistant, journalist, social media manager, limousine driver, teacher, HR firm recruiter, tour you want me to keep going?” Henry replied with an amused smile.

Henry is from Taiwan but studied in the US and has perfect English. Intrigued by the beauty of Japan, he decided to try his luck in finding a job here without any background in Japanese. As a result, he has a wide range of experiences in industries despite not being able to speak Japanese. Along with that he also had an abundance of amusing stories to share.

Talking to Henry, it became clear that there are plenty of job opportunities in Japan that don’t require Japanese.

But first of all, you need to familiarize yourself with one word... and that is:

外資系企業 (gaishikei kigyō)

It basically refers to an international company that has its headquarters outside of Japan but has a branch in Japan. Most of the time this refers to multinational corporations.