5 Useful Apps for Job-Hunting Students in Japan

Updated: Nov 7, 2019

by Jen Santelices

published on September 18th, 2019

Job-Hunting in Japan is becoming more convenient through smartphone apps that cater to students who want to find jobs upon graduation. The job-hunting apps make it easier to access information about companies and jobs, and students can do part of the job-hunting process before they put on the classic black 就活(shuukatsu, job-hunting) suit.

Job hunting in Japan? There’s apps for that.

In a 2018 survey by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, as much as 96.8% of Japanese in their 20’s use smartphones in their day-to-day life—the same age range as the 就活生 (shuukatsusei, or ‘job-hunting students’) of Japan. The term for job-hunting in Japan is shuukatsu, and even for a country where traditional practices include hand-written resumes and uniformed black suits, Japanese recruitment companies have had to modernize to connect with their target demographic. This is where job-hunting apps come in, simplifying part of what is a traditionally complicated system through the touch of a screen.

Here we’ll be discussing job-hunting apps dedicated to the shuukatsusei living in Japan.

リクナビ (Rikunabi) 2020

Rikunabi is one of the oldest services which has been used by university students in Japan during the course of shuukatsu process. It has been the top job-hunting site in Japan for 4 years running, and has connections with over 30,000 companies.

It is typical for students in Japan to begin job-hunting during their junior year of university, and the year written on the name of the app is the year they are expected to graduate. The only drawback is that navigating Rikunabi requires Japanese proficiency, since the app is almost entirely in Japanese.

The system requires member registration where students fill in information about themselves. They then submit an “entry sheet” to companies they’re interested in, as a way for the employers to learn more about