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Your duties as a 

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Here we will break down your responsibilities as a JPort Ambassador and provide instructions on how to fulfill your obligations. The JPort team and JPort Ambassadors work hand-in-hand toward a brighter shukatsu future. 


  1.  If unresponsive for 3 consecutive times, JPort will note this down and will no longer be reaching out

  2.  Please message us if you will be unable to respond for an extended period of time and we can adjust to your situation. Or if you would no longer like to be a JA, feel free to contact the team. But if you ever feel like rejoining, we are always ready to welcome you back with open arms!

JPort ambassadors must complete these obligations by the end of the month.*

*Ambassadors are allowed to alternatively do other tasks if they have difficulty with a certain task. 


Expand JPort's student network


Have 10 students sign up to JPort using your referral personalized URL.

This will be sent to you through email after the orientation and can be found on your checklist.

You can directly send the link or add your personalized URL into your bio which would allow for your friends and acquaintances to automatically sign-up to JPort Journal as your referral!

Don't forget to ask your friends and acquaintances to input your name when they register for an event – they will be asked where they heard about the event

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Methods to getting sign-ups in student communities:

- If you are in a student organization or group, you can send a message to a group chat and introduce JPort! Within the message, you can ask them to either send you a message if: a. they want to know more or b. put a reaction to my message
- TIP: Don't put the website in the initial message, that way you can keep track of the people who have joined through the message.

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You can put your ambassador referral link here!



Increase engagement on Ask Senpai

Ask at least one question to senpais each week on JPort Journal’s 'Ask Senpai' platform.

How to use Ask Senpai:

• Head to the JPort Journal website, sign in to your JPort account, and click on Ask Senpai.

Once there, click on Create Post and add your Title and Question.

It is also possible to add the industry, country/region, and position to your post so that other students can find relevant information.

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• Here is also a video tutorial on how to use Ask Senpai 



Share event information on your social media platforms

Post about JPort once a month on applicable platforms (LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook) tagging @JPortJapan and sharing with applicable captions and hashtags.

Sample posts from past ambassadors:

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Screen Shot 2022-01-11 at 16.29.50.png

Hashtags to use:

#JPort #JPortJournal #JPortAmbassador #AskSenpai #就活 #留学生就活 #外国人留学生 #jobsinjapan #japanjobs #shukatsu #internationalstudents #jobhunting #jobhuntinginJapan

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