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Submission Closed

Submission Closed


Introduction to Job-Hunting in Japan

Job-hunting timeline (when and how to start)

Types of companies and difference in application timelines

(外資系 vs. 日本系)

Consequences of NOT STARTING EARLY

Japanese industries (業界紹介)

Fundamental Things to Prepare
・English CV
・Suit and other attire
・SPI Test
・Entry Sheet

How to Write Japanese CV (履歴書) & Entry Sheet (ES)

What is 履歴書 and Entry Sheet

履歴書 Details (自己PR + 志望動機)

How to do 自己分析 for 自己PR

How to do research for 志望動機

Connection between 自己PR & 志望動機

How to fill out Entry Sheet

Hiromi Karahashi

株式会社SPeak  創業者 / CEO

Meet Your Mentor

City University of New York: John Jay College of Criminal Justice

Keio University, Keio Business School

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