Have you felt something like this?

“I understand the basics of job-hunting
in Japan, but I don’t know where to even start...”

“How do you write
an Entry Sheet (ES)?”

“I want to start a career in Japan,
but what do I do right NOW?”

At JPort 就活 Academy,
we will be covering the necessary
information for job-hunting in Japan.

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This episode will be discussing the “志望動機”, meaning  “reasons for applying to the company”. We will be guiding you with the best way on how to do industry and company analysis, along with how to write the 志望動機 in the best format. Downloadable templates and guidelines will be available to help your preparation.




How to Write an Entry Sheet (ES)Part 1: 

ガクチカ (gakuchika)・Self PR

This episode discusses two major parts on an Entry Sheet (ES), “gakuchika” and “Self PR”. Detailed instructions on how to write them will be explained step by step with actual examples. Downloadable guidelines and templates to help you write the perfect Self PR and Gakuchika is also available. 

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How to Write an Entry Sheet (ES)Part 2: 

Industry/Company Analysis・ 志望動機 (reasons for applying to the company)

How to Find Internships and Full-time Fresh graduate positions in Japan

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