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Hult Prize Japan, Social Impact Lab Japan, and JPort by SPeak corporation are proud to announce our partnership to empower young global students and young social entrepreneurs in Japan. Hand in hand, we aim to give more value to young proactive global students in Japan by giving them guidance about building their professional profile, as well as paving the way for them to achieve a successful future career in Japan. 

About Partneship

Priya Sultan

Founder & CEO, Social Impact Lab Japan
Global Projects Director, Hult Prize

Students in Japan are looking for ways into social entrepreneurship, but often lack meaningful pathways to opportunity in impact. Hult Prize and Social Impact Lab Japan create ways for students to pursue careers of social impact. Through a collaboration with JPort, we hope to bring more awareness of the career opportunities for students in social impact and help them realize great careers in this sector are possible!


Hiromi Karahashi

Founder and CEO of JPort powered by SPeak Corp

With this partnership with Hult Prize Japan, which holds a bold mission: leading a generation to change the world, we can together give a positive impact on young global students in Japan. We hope that this partnership will help empower young students with global backgrounds to discover their full potential to become the game-changers in various fields in the future

 HultPrize Japan X JPort  X Social Impact Lab Japan:

Becoming a Global Game Changer

HultPrize Japan X JPort  X Social Impact Lab Japan presents “Become a Global Game Changers”! A Social Innovation and Career Seminar event that aims to empower young budding social entrepreneurs in Japan to explore opportunities to build a future impact-driven career path. We will be discussing opportunities for students to be part of the Hult Prize On Campus program as Campus directors. With the support of Social Impact Lab Japan and JPort, this session will also offer guidance to young talents in order to build up their professional social impact careers in Japan. 

Event Details

Date: Saturday, 4th of July 2020

Time: 2:00pm - 4:00pm JST (120 minutes)

Language: English

Location: ZOOM Online Conference

* After filling this form, you will receive the link to join the event

along with the password to enter the conference room.

Empowering Young Global Talents For Soci

Event Content

Asset 2@3x.png

Looking for a way to make a difference at your university? Well HERE is YOUR chance! Become a Campus Director with Hult Prize TODAY! Campus Directors are in charge of gathering teams to participate in the Hult Prize competition! There are many perks and benefits to being a CD; be apart of a global network, get the chance to go meet Bill Clinton, join the HP family at the global accelerator program!

Asset 1@3x.png

Social Impact Career seminar by JPort discussing the searching for a career in social impact in Japan. Learn the details on how to build your Japanese CV also regarding building your professional profile for aspiring social innovators. Get to know activities students can participate in that are available in Japan in order to build a social career path. Also, find out available resources for students to learn more about these opportunities. 

Asset 5@3x.png

Panel discussion with Hult Prize competitors, former Campus Directors as well as up and rising social entrepreneurs in Japan about the benefits of joining HultPrize for your career! Learn more about the opportunities from the people who experienced Hult Prize first-hand and professionals who are making waves on Social Impact in Japan 

Guest Speakers  


Kimiharu To

Director of SDGs Research Center at

Aomori University

Robin Lewis_3.jpg

Robin Lewis

Co-founder of 



Lincoln Lee

Co-founder of 

Rice Inc.


Ifeanyi Chukwu

Founder and Ceo of



Dissa Ahdanisa

Founder of

Fingertalk Enterprise

Exclusive Social Impact

Career Seminar and Media Exposure For Hult Prize Campuses

JPort and Hult Prize will host our exclusive Social Impact Career Webinar event for each Hult Prize campus (in English or Japanese) in order to help young budding entrepreneurs navigate their university life and career path in Japan.

As the official media partner of Hult Prize Japan, Hult Prize Campuses have the opportunity to promote their achievements in Jport Journal to increase exposure.

Contact Us For Details

Click here to become a Campus Director

Campus Event
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