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Hello I'm Michaela Kane

Social Branding


Bachelor in Statistics, Minor in East Asian Studies, Citation in Japanese Language from

Harvard University


English, Japanese

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Michaela Kane

Hi! My name is Michaela from the US. I came to Japan after freshman year to study Japanese for kicks and giggles and I really liked it. It was clean and so pleasant. I over-apologise for things and they over-apologise for things. Every summer after I went to Japan to either study Japanese, teach English, or do an internship. After that I just decided to move to Japan after graduating. Also, the food is pretty good- little things like that improve your everyday.

Career Advice

What Career Advice Would You Recommend Job -Hunters?

My formal training was in stats, but I think it’s important to be open to new experiences and learn new things in Japan. Lots of things are confusing being a foreigner so it’s important to ask for help. Ideally, any day you are not meeting someone new is a day wasted- not just to network or increase capital- but to gain insight. You have to be ok with sending a lot of cold messages on LinkedIn or email. In Tokyo it is especially easy to become isolated and shut in, but it’s important to be able to shake it off and move forward.

Beneficial Skills

What are the Benificial Skills Needed To Work in Japan?

Speaking Japanese is useful because we have to communicate within a team. But above all, the ability to communicate clearly and work as part of a team is the most important thing, especially as so much of working with teamLab is collaborative. You need to be willing to work, share and teach from others.

Job Description

What does 

a Social Branding do?

I’m in charge of media correspondence. I communicate with any media who wants to film or get coverage from teamLab in order to provide tools for media coverage, I fact check articles, give recourses, guide and accompany anyone who wants to shoot an exhibition. Beyond writing press releases, I reach out to media about early exposures, and also coordinate creation of social collateral for exhibitions. This means translating English for signs in exhibitions, helping create them, communicating what information needs to be on them to the design team.


Working in 


A major benefit is the certain amount of freedom that comes with the job. There’s no dress code. My team also has a certain amount of flex time in when we arrive and leave- a lot of trust is given to people. Also, every week in the evenings there are skill exchanges like dance class, yoga, and board games. It’s a great way to meet and bond people not on your team. It’s nice that (the work environment) is so open. I like that it’s not a cubicle office which would be isolated. Otherwise, a week before an exhibition opens the media previews can be long hours. Sometimes there are unanticipated changes with exhibitions, which can be difficult.

Work Environment

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