Hello I'm Zhiying Zhang

Financial Analyst


Masters in Public Policy

The University of Tokyo


English, Japanese, Chinese

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Zhiying Zhang

Hi! My name is Zhiying or you can call me Cookie. I did economics and Japanese double major for my undergraduate studies. Also, I am proud of being Asian. I think Asians are smart and hardworking. My dream is to increase the level of Asians’ participation in international organizations. Since Japan is one of the first Asian countries to be developed, I think it is easier to represent Asia in international organizations if I have a background of studying in Japan.


What Career Advice Would You Recommend Job -Hunters?

Look into a wide range of industries and companies. Before I applied into P&G, I didn’t know that work there is actually very similar to consulting. It might be even closer to my expectation than the famous big consulting companies, since they are more based on strategy and decision-making. I would also advise you to do more homework before job-hunting.


What are the Benificial Skills Needed To Work in Japan?

P&G values leadership a lot. They test you on this in web tests and interviews. It is also important to be a good team player. Since at work we often have to collaborate with people from various teams, it is important that you know how to collaborate with people to make things work. Moreover, logic is especially important for marketing and finance departments. You will actually get tested on maths, graphs and case studies during tests.


What does 

a Financial Analyst do?

During my internship, I did business analysis. My work involved calculating return-on investment, cost-to-service (CTS) and data analysis. A production has three major stages: production, marketing and sales. I work mainly on marketing financing, so we work on finding cost-effective channels of putting advertisements and products. If you work on sales financing, you will need to calculate how to reduce production cost in packaging, location and so on.


Working in 


My team in P&G is quite young. Everyone working there are interested in the world outside and Unlike many traditional Japanese companies, it is not so hierarchical and everyone is really equal. Hence, we are free to express our opinions. Moreover, P&G has a really good training system since it is a global firm. We get a lot of on-the-job training. For instance, we have a 5-day Global Communication Skills Training Camp every year. We get trained by native teachers and are taught based on our own level. P&G also gave me a lot of support when I was applying for my VISA. As for the challenges, I guess as a foreigner working in marketing, it is difficult to know the consumers’ thoughts since we did not grow up in Japan. There are also other cultural adaptation challenges. For instance, sometimes I do not get the jokes made by my Japanese colleagues during gatherings. But these are the challenges we have to face as foreigners in Japan, so I am not so troubled by that.


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